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SCADA systems

Description: Argos SCADA is a free software project, created as an open source alternative to commercial SCADAs. Argos is being developed to be run mainly on Linux Operative Systems, this way, releasing the users from any costs associated with licenses. Argos is thought of a tool to communicate with automation devices, such as: PLC, DCS, PAC, PC/104, Arduino boards, among others. Argos has a graphic interface developed with FLTK to make it lighter and its basic tool of configuration is an environment (IDE) based on FLUID.


Development of Argos or Development of SCADA Systems Based on Argos


Cost: No cost associated to software, other costs would depend solely on hardware devices used.

Applications: Supervisory control and data acquisition on any kind of process automation.

People: Alejandro Piña Ortega

Additional Information: Project's wiki pages (in Spanish so far)